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Physiodermie Facial Treatments

v  Physiodermie Facial (1 hr)              $85                         

The ultimate experience, where the treatment

is customized to your specific skincare needs

v   Physiodermie Deep Cleansing Facial (1 ½ hrs)     $95

Eliminates blocked pores and controls impurities

v  Physiodermie Mini-Facial (45 minutes)              $55

Forty-five minutes of bliss giving your skin

the boost it needs

v  Physiodermie Eye Treatment (30 minutes)              $30

A must for those of you concerned about the

delicate eye area

 Series of Six Eye Treatments           $150


Glycolic Treatments

(It is recommended that you use the Murad products for one month prior to schedulingthese services)

v   Classic Glycolic Peel     $85

Forty-five minutes of soothing and refining of skin

v  Anti-aging Facial      $85

Ideal for sun damaged or mature skin

v  Facial and Peel (1 hr 15 minutes)      $110

A combination of a facial and a peel to

help reduce fine lines, skin discolorations

and acne

v   Hand Treatment (25 minutes)      $30

v  Back Treatments (45 minutes)      $85                            


Microdermabrasion (1 hour)    $100

A facial treatment using micro-fine crystals. This procedure revives the skin by removing dead cells from the face and neck. Skin will appear smoother and softer while reducing pore size, fine lines, and hyper pigmentation


v  Neck              $25

v   Décolleté              $25

v   Back              $95

v   Arms              $45

v    Hands              $25



Oritree liquid hair remover is a gentle, efficient, pure & natural product made with botanicals. Safe and kind to the skin, it adheres only to the hair.


Brow Sculpting

Brow shapes may change, but the basics will remain the same. Brows are specifically designed to create the beautiful brow arch that you’ve always wanted. Let’s just say, it’s the lift without the surgery.

v  Sculpting First visit    $50

v  Sculpting Follow-up     $35

v  Tweezer First visit      $55

v   Tweezer follow-up     $45

v  Lip     $18

v  Chin     $12

v  Full leg     $70

v Half leg      $60

v  Full arm     $55

v  Half arm    $40

v Underarm    $22

v Bikini   From     $30

v  Bikini with strip only    $65

v  Back    $75


Lash and Brow Tint

Color that won’t run. Lasts up to three weeks,

patch test required.

v  Eyebrow tint    $20


Manicures and Pedicures

v   Spa Manicure        $25

Revitalizing treatment for hands

and cuticles

v     Spa Pedicures   $50

Completely relaxing treatment

for tired feet

v     Make-up

Day/Evening Make-up    $50

Bridal Make-up     $75

Consultation    $30

Make-up Lesson    $60

Demi-Demo Eye    $30

Demi-Demo Lip     $30

Demi-Demo Face   $30

An Out of Salon fee will be charged for out calls


L.E.D Light Therapy Treatment

v     Includes Facial plus treatment        $150

v     Add any microdermabrasion  or Glycolic peel       $45