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January 23rd 2013

Sneaky things that age a person’s appearance

When I decided to blog early this year it was for myself, as well as for you. New Year, New You and 31 days to amazing skin was to share tips and tricks that can shave years off, offering a more youthful appearance and attitude. I do think attitude has something to do with it, and having the mind set for a new you, not that there is anything wrong with the old you.  Sometimes the smallest changes can make the biggest difference. I also want you to have fun on this journey and not focus on the outcome.

Yellow teeth: Whiten your teeth if you need to, especially when wearing orange and red lipsticks. Drinks such as tea, coffee and wine can be the cause of stains on the teeth. Smoking is also a contributing factor. Cutting back smoking, sipping through a straw and brushing your teeth immediately after eating may help brighten them.

Too much or too little makeup:  the over doers tend to go too bold, or the play-it-safe are stuck in bland neutrals. Whichever it can add on years and make you look out-of-date. If it’s been a while, come in for a makeup consultation for new ideas.

Skin: I think I have stressed on that in previous articles.

Dry thinning hair: I believe long hair is a sign of strength. First, it requires good overall health to grow hair long. Illness saps the life out of the body to the point where the first things to go are Hair and nails. With all the drying and over processing and the intense Florida weather, hair need to be nourished and treated with deep conditioning treatments regularly.

Outdated or inappropriately sizes clothes: Well fitted clothes and undergarments make the world of difference no matter what your size. Also there’s something to be said about the way you feel. If you’re uncomfortable in what you are wearing naturally it will show.

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