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January 19th 2013

Body Care 1

When it comes to skin care, don't forget the skin on your body. Many people take excellent care of their face, but forget all about the skin on their body.

 We all know we need to exfoliate the dead skin cells off of our body, but not all areas of your body should be treated the same. Your face can not be exfoliated with the same product as your feet, and vice-versa.

Scalp: weather conditions, stress and fatigue, styling product build up, and hormone fluctuation. Since the causes can be sourced from internal and external factors, the treatment of dandruff also varies. Epsom salts is an inexpensive way to treat the flaky skin on your scalp or treatments products containing Salicylic Acid or Sulfur are another great source for removing dead skin.

Lips: If you're constantly finding your lipstick coming off, or you just can't seem to keep your lips from peeling, one way to get those kissable lips back in order is exfoliate. Two products in mind are Murad Pomegranate Lip Protector Spf15 This treatment revitalizes dry lips by conditioning with Shea butter and retexturizing with salicylic acid to restore suppleness while broad-spectrum sunscreens and powerful antioxidants shield against free-radical damage and Murad Soothing Skin & Lip Therapy   immediately relieves dry chapped lips or minor skin irritations by sealing in long lasting moisture and gently smoothing and exfoliating.

Hands: If there is one tip you take away from this it would be that your hands and your chest won't keep your age a secret if you don't start treating them like your face. You can use all the anti-aging products you want on your face, but if you don't include your hands and chest you will give away your age. Exfoliate and then moisturize, products will moisturize longer and penetrate.  Clear Choice Lumi Antioxidant Hand Therapy SPF 18 An amazing hand cream packed with antioxidants, sunscreen, skin lightening agents and moisturizers.

 Personally what I do is, when I do my skin care regime daily is treat the back of my hands with the left over product.

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