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January 16th 2013



Microcurrent offers an alternative to surgery and photo facial treatments; they have become one of the most sought-after treatments for sagging skin or a dull complexion, and may be especially effective for getting rid of superficial lines and wrinkles. If you are experiencing signs of premature aging, you can effectively get rid of wrinkles, dark patches and other skin problems with the electrical stimulation. It also maintains the results of your surgical procedures.

How it works:

Microcurrent technology works by delivering impulses of mild electrical currents into the skin’s surface. This triggers the healing response because the skin cells sense that the tissues have been injured and the body begins to produce more cells in order to heal this ‘injury.’ This boosts collagen production deep within the skin’s surface and encourages the skin cells to heal and repair themselves naturally as they reproduce to heal the injured site.

Clinical studies show microcurrent facelift procedures trigger the production of amino acids, the body’s natural building blocks which are involved with accelerating cell production and repair.  Cells can be restored and the body can start producing healthier skin cells in a very short period of time. The micro current facial can be administered up to one time per month, and only takes one hour to complete as maintenance after the initial series.  

Results are not instant, but the skin will appear tighter and firmer after just one facial session. Most people experience the best results about three weeks after the session when the body goes through its natural detoxification and cell turnover process.

Ultimately, microcurrent treatments are a healing and repairing facial rejuvenation treatment and can be an effective way to brighten up dull skin and reduce lines, wrinkles and scar tissues.

Series will depend on the age of the person’s skin.

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